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Handheld Service Packages

Handheld Service Packages
$54.00 $116.00
General inspectionYY
Blow out unitYY
Replace spark plugYY
Clean/replace air filterYY
Check/replace fuel filterYY
Drain & clean fuel tankYY
Adjust idleYY
Test runYY
Clean spark arrester Y
Clean carburetor Y
All prices are Plus Parts & Tax
All handheld services will be charged a $5 Shop Supply and Environmental fee

Additional Services

Backpack blowers, cutoff saws, arborist saws +$45
Carburetor removal, disassembly and cleaning $45 + Parts
Vacuum & pressure test crankcase +$97
Mon - Fri8:00 a.m.5:00 p.m.
Sat8:00 a.m.Noon
April 19-22CLOSED

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